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Seattle Fire Battalion Chief Tamalyn Nigretto is a hero

Tamalyn Nigretto

Tonight I read an article in the Seattle Times about Seattle Fire Battalion Chief Tamalyn Nigretto and the possibility of the department holding her down on promotions. I grew up in Ballard. A friend to all at the old Station 18 and the new. As a youth, I was a huge supporter of the Last Resort Fire Department. Seattle Fire was in my blood.

When I was old enough I became a firefighter in California and Colorado at the city, state and federal level. I was at Storm King Mountain Colorado in 1994 when 14 smoke jumpers lost their lives.

Safety is everything to me.

I did not actually know of Chief Nigretto until the Greenwood Explosion earlier this month until I heard the following audio:

At the time I listened to this Mayday call, I wept. I was scared we were going to have a Blackstock Lumber indecent. I was so relieved to know all the firefighters were safe. In the beginning of the 911 audio I heard the voice of a woman. A Seattle Fire Department Battalion Chief. Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. I wanted to know who this Chief was. I searched online to no avail. Then the Seattle Times article came out this weekend.

I don’t get into the politics. I do know at the leadership level, its all about leadership and safety.

I do know that if I was serving under Chief Nigretto, I would be the first one to run into hell if she called upon me to save a Seattle citizen or one of my firefighter brothers or sisters.

What do you call a female firefighter? A firefighter.

Photo Credit (Ellen M. Banner/The Seattle Times)

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