Navy Missile off of California – No Big Deal – Non Issue

LAX Restricted Airspace MissileThe missile launch in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California a few days ago is no big issue. There is no conspiracy. The Navy is not conducting a mock attack on Los Angeles. There is however, a complex naval testing area called the Naval Warfare Testing Center Weapons Division at Point Mugu.

In 1946, the Secretary of the Navy endorsed, and President Truman approved, the establishment of the Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Mugu. The Point Mugu complex works in collaboration with its sister location at China Lake NAWCWC.

For most Southern California residents who grew up there as I did, we remember the missile and satellite launches from Vandenburg at sunset. Locals know about Point Mugu NAS but they may not know the mission. They may not know Oxnard and China Lake are connected by a small restricted airspace corridor called IR200 that goes north up the coast to Vandenburg and due east over the Grapevine when it turns NNE at Edwards AFB to China Lake. The Weapons Center has been firing cruise missiles and has been launching missiles to and from navel ships off of LA to and from China Lake on a regular basis.

navy Missile california pacific

If you live in Southern California you live in the middle of a Department of Defense military complex. Look at the above map. The restricted airspace in the R-2520 area has been there for years.

Did you know just off the coast of LA is San Nicholas Island, owned by the Navy and is part of the Point Mugu Complex? The west end of San Nicolas Island provides a secured area for missile targets and is often used for SLAM and land attach missile operations. The Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) is a remote controlled ship with SeaSparrow, RAM, and CWIS defense systems and various target acquisition systems. It provides an open-ocean, integrated, self-defense platform without the safety constraints associated with a manned ship.

The Navy Seals train at Coronado and San Clemente Island. We have Edwards AFB in the high desert with three secret drone testing bases in the proximity of Palmdale and Barstow.

And as far as the FAA restricting the airspace off of LAX for a week, thank you as I would not want to be a casualty of some errant ordinance.

Seriously, do some research before you run the conspiracy path


Is Fresh & Easy lying to its customers and employees about their closing?

Interesting chain of events over the past 24 hours including some inside information.

Since Fresh & Easy opened in Nevada, over the years I became a big fan. Granted Sprouts gets the lions share of my grocery money, Fresh and Easy is next with Trader Joe’s third. Fresh n Easy is just down the street from me. They have branded products I like. I love their bread section and I go crazy for their mark downs. I have become friends to a number of their employees and it has been a friendly neighborhood market.

Last night after work I stopped by my local store and was a bit taken back. They were almost out of meat. They were out of their branded bread and there was no organic cows milk, nor cream, nor half and half. I asked a couple of crew members what the deal was and I was told, “We are going with new suppliers and should be back up to stock by Thursday the 22nd.” I went with that but it seemed fishy(even though there was only one piece of fish in the case).

fresh & easy closing

fresh and easy closing

Fresh & easy closing

Today, I was sent an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times, written by Shan Li titled, “Fresh & Easy begins closing down stores”. Not just a few stores, but literally the whole brand. Hmmmm. I wonder what the actual deal is?

Tonight, 24 hours later, I stopped at the same store to call them out on this excuse. This is where it gets interesting. There was additional meat in the cold case but it was non-branded OEM meat. Completely different label. It did not state the meat was hormone free. It was just generic meat.

generic meat fresh & easy

I pointed this out to three employees and they looked puzzled and had no answers. They were also blown away when I told them they were most likely closing down. They were unaware of this news.

Here is the curve ball. Two of them alleged that Fresh & Easy was not paying it bills. They were allegedly told this by a couple of vendors that service their location. They were told by another individual the non-payment of bills was also responsible for the lack of inventory.

Lastly, because the store was out of cream for the coffee bar, the manager had to go to another store and buy some.

This is really sad. What I was initially told about the inventory was only what they had been told by their management, who I am sure was briefed by corporate via their District or Area Manager. I feel bad for the Fresh & Easy store employees. They are good people and uninformed.



Lamar Odem could have been transported by helicopter to Las Vegas

Helicopter RescueSpeaking as one who has spent over 30 years in search and rescue, with most of that time in helicopter rescue, I have an issue with the ground ambulance transportation of Lamar Odem from Nye County to a Las Vegas hospital.

As Nye County and Pahrump emergency medical service responded to Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada they had no clue what they were responding to. Once on scene, realizing Lamar Odem would need to be transported ASAP to a Las Vegas hospital, as they made contact with the air ambulance service, it became apparent Lamar would not fit, at 6′ 10″ into the helicopter.

There are two helicopters in Clark County Nevada that could have been called to transport Lamar Odem. Nye County could have called in for mutual aid for the Las Vegas Metro SAR Huey and the 66th Para-Rescue Squadron at Nellis. Both units have transported the injured and are big enough to hold him. And in fact, the Wiki for the 66th states. “The unit’s secondary mission is to provide rescue support for air operations over the Nellis Range Complex and backup rescue for civilian agencies in the local area and the greater Southwestern United States.” Nellis 66th rescue

It’s not to say, had Lamar been transported by air, he would have been doing better, but there were options available had Nye County made the calls. I am not saying Nye County did not make the calls, but I cannot imagine either of these agencies turning them down if they did.Lamar Odem


FTC vs Vemma Court Ruling September 18 2015

As reported today by the Arizona Republic, for those that have been following the FTC case against Vemma, the court made a ruling today allowing Vemma to sell products to consumers and essentially shutting down their MLM business.

vemma ftc

You can read the entire ruling here and the previously sealed complaint here.

This initial ruling should scare the crap out of the entire network marketing industry. There is a chance the FTC will use this as a precedent to go after everyone.

I have spoken for years about MLM start ups not being product centered. Too many times, leaders in the MLM industry come up with some new compensation program, which is the result of taking other compensation programs, throwing in a tweak and spouting they have the highest payouts in the industry. THEN, they go find a product to use to create this commerce. The question I always ask myself before recommending or promoting a product is, “Would I purchase this product even if an income opportunity was not available?”

Vema ftc rulingI only recommend products that I would use even if there was no marketing business model. It is obvious who I recommend based upon the links on the right. I love the products. I feel better. I share these products with others. Some become customers and some decide to promote them as I do. Clean and honest with no hype.




Dr. Wayne Dyer Passes Away

Dr Wayne Dyer Dies(Click to enlarge)

Earlier today, the image above was posted on Wayne Dyer’s Facebook page. Then all of a sudden, about 15 minutes ago the following was posted on his Facebok page:

Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure to begin and had no fear of dying. Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side.

We Love You Forever Dad/Wayne

The Dyer Family

And this on his Twitter page:

Wayne has left his body, passing away through the night. He always said he couldn’t wait for this next adventure…

I saw Wayne Dyer live for the first time in 1981 with my friend Brian in Seattle.

Sad but he speaks life even in death


Le-Vel, a direct marketing company with a cloud-based business model

Have you ever driven through Utah on I-15 between Provo and Ogden? This is the “Red Light District” of nutritional network marketing companies. Large business campuses with overhead through the roof. Backlit logos on the sides of the buildings. Impressive! I have actually seen the inside of many of these buildings and manufacturing facilities. The sheer massive infrastructure to run these companies blows my mind. There are but a few direct sales companies that keep a tight reign on their expenses. If you lived in Los Angeles, do you remember the Herbalife Building on the 405 at LAX? They went huge, like their building but over the years their expenses got out of hand.

There was one company that invited me on as a founder. Each of the executives of the company, was on a six figure salary, for a yet to be established company. A little top heavy I thought. They leased an amazing office facility in Provo and spared no expense. They wanted to have this office for “dog and pony shows” to recruit whales. You also call these meetings “Fly Ins”.

Then you have Jason Camper and Paul Gravette who shared a vision for premium products that offer an opportunity to live a premium lifestyle with a cloud-based business model.

From the Le-Vel website:

le-vel cloud thriveThe New Paradigm in Direct Sales Management: The Cloud

The Le-Vel Cloud Management system is the most state of the art, most efficient, and the most lucrative operations infrastructure system ever. It allows Le-Vel to operate with the lowest corporate overhead and yet have one of the fastest response and problem solving operating systems in the market. It allows for efficient manageability with fast pace growth solutions.

From Employees to API Integration

Many bricks and mortar Direct Sales Companies, are bloated with employees that add enormous costs: buildings, w-2s, managers, hiring, firing, staffing, real estate, secretaries, middle managers, utility bills. This adds up to high overhead, high cost of business and results in very low distributors commissions. A huge percentage of overhead is eliminated at Le-Vel, and replaced with Cloud Technology. They do this with less staff, more efficient and dependable results because of their Cloud.

While other companies are bogged down with management that is both costly and inefficient. They are saving money and putting where it needs to be, with their LV Rewards Plan. When it comes to state of the art efficiency, speed, stability and scalability, no other infrastructure beats our Cloud Technology.

Le-Vel Cloud Technology – A solution for large scale, large growth infrastructure:

Order Tracking
Customer & Promoter Support
Team Sales & Calculations
Team Genealogy

I was so impressed I became a Le-Vel Independent Promoter. More information can be found on my free replicated Le-Vel website.





Zillow vs. and others

1) I am a consumer, sitting at home in my drawers, searching for houses. Unlike a few years ago when this search may have taken place on a Realtor’s website or by contacting a Realtor to find me a house or perhaps put me on a daily update from the MLS, I am using Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin or God knows what else to look for homes. Unless I have a preexisting relationship with a Realtor, I am just looking for a house.

Maybe I find that house through one of these services. Do I contact the agent that purchased the upper right corner of the search results? Am I fortunate enough to find the listing agent in that corner because that agent paid for the right to be there? Am I one of the many who do a Google search on the street address to find better information? As a consumer, do I realize 95% of the time I will NOT find the listing agent’s actual listing landing page because the big search companies, brokerages and franchises hold most of the 1st page of Google’s search results?

As a consumer, I don’t care. I want my needs met and I have a short attention span.

2) I am a Realtor. My marketing budget is pulled in many directions. If I spend $500 with,,,,, or any of the others, which is the best ROI?

If Zillow and/or is making me money, I don’t really care about the politics. I line item my expenses and make sure each one is profitable.

3) I am Z or I am R. What is my mission statement? What do I have to do as a company to turn a profit. Is my priority the consumer, the Realtor or the shareholder? What is the balance?

As a consumer, I am looking for houses.

As a Realtor, I am looking for business.

Just want to eat the steak and not stick my head up the steer’s ass to check it out.


Top Secret Sales Convention Held In The Open

Top Secret EventDue to the NDS I signed, the names and the location have been changed.

Imagine if you will, a major sales convention from a tech company being held at a major hotel and convention center, right in front of the other guests and nobody knows the company or the technology.

The 4,000 attendees are wearing their oversize convention badges. On the badge are three things. The attendee name. A company name, which is actually an event production company and a phrase with a hashtag.

If you researched the company name you maybe found a few pages for a production company with no data on their client list. If you searched the hashtagged words there was nothing on Twitter. Wait! 4,000 people, signage all over the hotel and not one tweet anywhere in the world with this hashtagged phrase?

Setting aside the fact the attendees were told NOT to do anything with social media at this event going which was presenting for the following year’s technologies, I could not believe there was no history with that hashtag. As an experiment I asked somebody overseas to send out a tweet with that hashtag and it never came out on Twitter. I have no proof, but I am led to believe this Fortune 100 company had the power to secure or buy this hashtag from Twitter. If this is the case, not only did Twitter not publish any tweets with this hashtag but would also collect all of the the tweets and report them to their client. Just a what if, but plausible.

There are some other specific measures that were taken for the event, but I will not be disclosing them as they are quite clever. I just thought this Twitter angle was interesting. #topsecret



Le-Vel Thrive Review

Many of you know me as a product based direct marketing consultant. I have never really been too interested in being a “Business Builder”, but in the huge sea of overpriced nutritional products offered through various MLM’s, occasionally I will find products that I would take with or without a marketing plan. If that product line has a direct marketing element I look at it as a bonus because I have an opportunity to get my products for free.

In fact there are a couple of products I take now that I not only get for free but they keep sending me checks every week and all I have done is shared the products I take with a few people. I own an internet marketing company that keeps me very busy full time.

Le-Vel Thrive LeaderAbout a month ago, a friend introduced me to a concept called The Thrive Experience by a company called Le-Vel. The THRIVE Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels.

It’s so simple. Two capsules when you get out of bed. A drink mix and a DFT Patch that you wear for 24 hours. All done within an hour after you wake up.

The Thrive Experience promotes:

> Weight Management > Cognitive Performance
> Digestive & Immune Support > Joint Support
> Lean Muscle Support > Aches & Discomfort Relief
> Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support

I know I sound like a commercial and though most of my reviews are independent, for full disclosure, I liked the product and business model so much I became a Le-Vel Independent Promoter. Here is my free Le-Vel replicated website. Please watch the video on the homepage. The Thrive Experience specifically can be found here.

You have two choices. Become a customer or a Promoter AND there are no sign up fees AND the replicated Le-Vel website is FREE.


29715 Cuthbert Road Malibu, CA 90265 Patrick Dempsey House For Sale

patrick dempsey house for saleI saw a headline at the UK Daily Mail this morning talking about Patrick Dempsey selling his Malibu property and home for $14,500,000 after buying the property in 2009 for $7 million and completely renovating it. . This 3 bedroom, 4 bath 5547 sq ft home sits on 3.23 acres and is located at 29715 Cuthbert Road Malibu, CA 90265.

Between Derek ‘McDreamy’ Shepherd being killed off in Greys Anatomy, Patrick’s divorce from Jillian Fink and now putting their home on the market, makes for busy times.

On a side note, and this has not been verified, but Brian Glascock a famous drummer may have at one time lived at that address. The house was designed by Frank Gehry.

As I was researching this property based on today’s news of the listing, Rachel Clun with Domain News in Australia wrote a piece and it looks like she was first to publish the property address. I found it funny that she notes that, “Located a couple of kilometers from Venice Beach…” when in reality the distance between the property and Venice Beach is 24 miles of 38 Kilometers.



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