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Lawyer trashes a suite at Encore Hangover Style

Hangover Las Vegas Encore Suite LawyerThe Hangover is just a movie. As a resident of Las Vegas, I am personally offended by those thinking that can come here and leave a mess behind. Yes, this is party town, but do no harm. We want your money for the economy but you can stay home if you are going to trash our fine city.

In the Las Vegas Review Journal this morning as featured on the Drudge Report, a California lawyer celebrating his birthday in a high-roller suite at the Encore Hotel and Casino was arrested and sued after he caused nearly $100,000 damage during a drunken rumpus.

This lawyer, Robert Pearman, practicing workers compensation law was charged with malicious destruction of property from a March 30th stay at the Encore Hotel and Casino.

We are not talking about a bunch of party kids but a a licensed attorney. Lawyers are held to a high esteem and are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. I am sure Mr. Pearman did not need this kind of publicity.

The Hangover-like destruction took place at the Encore’s three-bedroom, two-story, 5,829-square-foot duplex apartment. A Wynn spokesman wouldn’t say how long the room was closed, or if it remains closed. The hotel’s policy is “not to comment on any guests,” the spokesman said.

According to his Las Vegas police report, the room was in “total disarray.” Furniture was overturned, shards of glass lined the floor, and food covered the carpet, walls, floors and drapes.

Police said a speaker, vase and Michelangelo book were also ruined. Encore staff projected the damage at $96,270.61, including labor and expenses.

What happens in Vegas follows you home with a lawsuit and an arrest.


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