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Drudge Report End of Day Wrap Up 12 16 2013

The following is not opinion, just observations.

– Most of the headline news is on the death of Nelson Mandela and will be until after the funeral. looks like some negative press is starting to surface.

Rocket with secret payload launches off California… The link goes to this AP page which contains a statement, “The agency has not released any details about the payload.” However if you spend maybe 2 minutes on the internet you can find a photo of the container and a list of the 8 CUBESATs within the container. Do your homework AP.

Ice storms. Must be bad. I live in Las Vegas and it is supposed to snow tomorrow.

Unemployment numbers out. 41% are Govt Jobs. Private sector shrinking.

Mexico truck theft. Radioactive materials. Six in hospital. One dying. Karma.

The moon is in the news. NASA should have paid attention to the moon as the Chinese are to militarize it.

– Federal BOP Prison population grows 27% in 10 years. Not the prison’s fault. Tough sentencing laws and the need for slave labor within prison industries.

– MICROSOFT developing ‘smart bra‘ to combat emotional overeating… Wow, that made the news?

– The news is out on a new high end spy drone that was developed at Area 51. If it made the news, it has probably been flying the past few years.

Paul Walker news items reduced. He was a great guy.

– The smog still sucks in China

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