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Zopim was hacked a few hours ago


I am a happy Zopim client. I received an e mail from the CEO of Zopim stating one of their employee workstations had been compromised by a social engineering hack.

If, and that is if, the available data was accessed, the violator would not have had access to the full credit card numbers.

They would have had access to Name and email address, Last four digits and expiry date of your credit card, and/or Billing address and phone number.

The attacker DID NOT have access to your password, chat logs and visitor information, and complete credit card information.

Zopim made the following statement:

Please rest assured that your passwords and full credit card information were not compromised. However, if you receive any emails from Zopim asking you to click on an unknown website, please ignore it and report it to us immediately. The partial credit card information is not enough to make a transaction, but it could be used for phishing attempts.

Like I said, I am a happy Zopim client but hey shite happens.

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