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What is the name of Steve McQueen’s Idaho Ranch that is for sale?

Steve McQueen RanchIn the past few days, the celebrity home bloggers, national news outlets and the real estate aggregates have been talking about the ranch, once owned by Steve McQueen going on the market for 7.4 million dollars. I could not just post variations of the descriptions found online. I had to at least come up with some kind of unique morsel on this property to even write about it.

What caught my eye is the history of the names of the ranch. The real estate industry is referring the the ranch in Hailey Idaho as the Pioneer Moon Ranch. Yet others are referring to the ranch as the Crazy M Ranch. As I was trying to find a photograph of Steve McQueen at the ranch, I found a site stating, “Steve McQueen had always dreamed of retiring from the film industry, owning a log cabin, and living the life of a “regular guy.” So he builtĀ The Last Chance, a five-acre piece of property in Ketchum, Idaho he purchased after he first started dating Barbara in 1977.”steve mcqueen ranch idaho

However there is another story stating that the ranch was purchased in 1979 after Steve and his wife Barbara were out driving one day and decided to have a picnic. The real estate broker was hiking in the area and Steve told her he wanted to by this property now, after which he named it the Crazy M Ranch.

My question is, did Steve buy a smaller 5 acre ranch known as the Last Chance and then find the larger property? Or the property started out as the 5 acre Last Chance, then McQueen renamed it the Crazy M, and in 1999 when Barbi McQueen sold the ranch to it’s current owners, Feli Funke-Riehle and Wolf Riehle, they renamed the ranch Pioneer Moon because it lies at the foot of the Pioneer Mountains. Obviously if this started at the Last Chance and now the current offering is upwards of 500 acres, either McQueen or the current owners purchased additional acreage around the original ranch. The current owners are selling because they are originally from Germany and are spending more time in Europe these days, says listing agent Trent Jones of Hall and Hall in Sun Valley.

The home is located about 8 miles Northeast of Highway 75 on East Fork Road which is about halfway between Ketchum and Hailey Idaho. The property is in Blaine County but has been referred to as located in both Ketchum and Hailey. Maybe somebody could clarify this for me.

You can do a search and look at all of the other sites for more photographs and a description of the property. My work here is done.


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