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United Airlines charging me 5 times for a seat upgrade I never got

United Airlines RefundUpdate May 28, 2013:

From United Customer Service:

Thank you for contacting United Airlines.

We appreciate the time you took to let us know about your experience.
Although our response is brief, please know that in addition to
completing your file, your feedback regarding experience was
communicated internally to the appropriate senior management.

As I cannot reverse what you experienced, I would like to offer you a
tangible expression of our goodwill in the hopes that you will allow us
the opportunity to rectify this situation and regain your trust as an
airline.  I am sending you an electronic travel certificate that will
come in a separate email within 5 business days.  We ask you check your
spam content to ensure receipt.

Next time you fly with us, I am confident you will experience the
outstanding service and operational reliability we traditionally

We appreciate your business and look forward to welcoming you on board a
future United Airlines flight.

Original Post:

To United Airlines:

On March 23, sitting at the Austin Airport, I tried purchasing a seat upgrade online via my laptop. After a number of tries, my purchase attempt failed. So my daughter, let me try her discover card. I made 5 attempts to purchase the seat with your website stating it was not successful. Two weeks after the flight, my daughter told me she had 5 charges for $45 on her discover card for the date in question. I called customer support(India?) where the operator pulled up the charges and told me he was issuing a credit and it would take 7 to 10 days to see the credit.

Two weeks ago, I called again because the credit had not been issued. He stated the previous guy did not issue the credit and that he would. Well, the credit never came in so I called back today and found a competent operator who issued the credit with confirmations numbers for each credit.

I am hoping the credit is seen on my daughters account within the next 7 to 10 days.

I am writing you for four reasons.

1) The fact your system would not complete the online seat upgrade purchase.

2) The fact your system charged us 5 times for this attempted purchase.

3) The fact it has taken this long, with three attempts to get the credit on my daughter’s card.

4) I want some form of compensation for the interest I have had to pay my daughter for the additional unpaid balance on her credit card through TWO billing periods. Not to mention the fact this has tied up her credit limit as she uses this card for college.

United needs to make this customer experience right.

I am open to an upgrade credit or some kind of “bump up” on my next flight or something special that you might suggest.


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