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SEO for Your Real Estate Website – Good luck with that

I get real estate agents and brokers calling me every week because they want to get on the first page of Google for the terms, “(city name) real estate’ or “(city name) homes for sale”. There was a time when really good SEO techs could make that happen, but now, especially for the real estate industry the opportunities for page one search results organically have decreased substantially. In the past …Read More

Online Real Estate Agent Ranking Systems. Good or Bad?

My answer? Very good. In fact online rankings can be great for Realtors but you have to know which ones to participate in. As a Realtor you are always seeking written testimonials from your happy home buyers and sellers. You live for testimonials that you will place in your listing book and your website. Setting your listing book aside, who is reading the testimonials that are on your website? Next …Read More

Websites don’t draw leads to themselves

From a potential real estate WordPress website client: Hi CJ, We spoke awhile back. Is there any proof in the pudding that a website like yours can actually attract or draw in leads. What makes a real estate WordPress website as extravagant as this is worth its while. Thanks for your time and consideration. My response… I would say it lays out like this in order of priority: First you …Read More

Major companies are using WordPress

I had a prospective real estate website client send me a note over the weekend because they were told that WordPress was a weak platform for complex websites. I responded with the following: On the subject of WordPress being a bad platform for complex sites, I would consider the WP clients on the following links as being the most complex: http://en.wordpress.com/notable-users http://blog.openviewpartners.com/companies-using-wordpress WordPress is a user friendly platform developed in …Read More

Facebook is charging me $1.00 to send private messages

I was quite surprised the other day as I was trying to send a private Facebook message to a business prospect when all of a sudden, the following interface popped up on my screen: I had never heard of Facebook charging $1.00 to send messages to another user’s primary inbox before. I know why they are doing it and I know why they are picking on me, but more thought …Read More

My first post as 2013 the New Year approaches

2012 was a good year for me. Business grew and everyone in my life stayed healthy. We made it through the end of the world and an election. At the same time there were tragedies like the hurricane and the shootings on Connecticut. We can only pray for 2013 that we will be healthy, safe and prosperous. So, I am rolling up on 50 in a couple of weeks and …Read More