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Graphiq WordPress Plugin Search Shutting Down

As a web developer and blogging coach, I am always looking for unique data feeds for my client’s websites and blog posts. Early last year I ran across a killer WordPress plugin called Graphiq Search. It pulled live statistical data from the likes of Core Logic. Graphiq is a semantic technology company that instantly delivers deep insights from the world’s data. I used the data for my Realtor clients as …Read More

Top Secret Sales Convention Held In The Open

Due to the NDS I signed, the names and the location have been changed. Imagine if you will, a major sales convention from a tech company being held at a major hotel and convention center, right in front of the other guests and nobody knows the company or the technology. The 4,000 attendees are wearing their oversize convention badges. On the badge are three things. The attendee name. A company …Read More

Social Media Data-Mining, Localized Research, Market Audience Analysis, and Narrowcast Engagement Requirements

This is mostly an SEO experiment Marty, on the title used by the US Army, who is looking for bids on, “Social Media Data-mining, Localized Research, Market Audience Analysis, and Narrowcast Engagement Requirements”. My clients know I search the news outlets for breaking news and I was first made aware of this story on the DrudgeReport called, “Secret Military Contractors Will Soon Mine Your Tweets“. It seems the Army said …Read More