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New app called Seecrypt claims to prevent government spying on Verizon phones

Today, the Drudge Report posted a news bit announcing a new phone application called Seecrypt, that claims to prevent the government from spying on our phones. Interesting timing considering the latest news on the data sharing between Verizon and the NSA/FBI. First let me state that the Patriot Act opened the doors for the electronic surveillance of all telecommunications and internet communications. I am OK with that as I am …Read More

Las Vegas Casinos Won’t Allow Google Glass

Today I saw a news article that casinos in Las Vegas will not allow its patrons to wear Google Glass while on the casino floor. Makes complete sense to me. They currently don’t allow recording devices or cameras in the casinos. It it one thing to take a photo with your phone when you are snapping away pics of your friends for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or when you take a picture the Royal …Read More