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Sea Shepherd Finds the Japanese Whaling Fleet Nisshin Maru

Each year it is the goal of Sea Shepherd to find the Japanese whaling fleet just as soon as possible at the start of their illegal whaling activities in the protected Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Steve Irwin’s helicopter first located the Nisshin Maru at 64°44′ S, 162°34′ W, in New Zealand’s sovereign waters in the Ross Dependency Antarctic region, and inside the internationally recognized Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. It …Read More

Sea Shepherd Finds The Nisshin Maru Japanese Whaling Vessel

Update for the 2014 campaign: My new post dated 1/5/2014 about today’s find can be found here As a huge fan of Whale Wars, a reality show following the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Society protecting the whales. Update: February 7, 2013 – The Sam Simon has found the Sun Laurel refueling ship which will cut off the fuel supply for the Japanese whaling fleet. This the official press release …Read More