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Drudge Report End of Day Wrap Up 12 16 2013

The following is not opinion, just observations. – Most of the headline news is on the death of Nelson Mandela and will be until after the funeral. looks like some negative press is starting to surface. – Rocket with secret payload launches off California… The link goes to this AP page which contains a statement, “The agency has not released any details about the payload.” However if you spend maybe …Read More

Near Earth Asteroid Pass at 11:30 AM Pacific Time Friday

There is a lot of news this week about the 150 foot asteroid that is passing very close to the earth this Friday. The scientists say this asteroid will not hit the earth but it will be passing approximately 17,200 miles from Earth. This is the closest pass on record of an asteroid of this size. The primary concern at this point are the 100 telecommunications and weather satellites which …Read More