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Pacific Heights $27 Million Mansion For Sale at 2520 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

I came across this mansion located at 2520 Pacific Avenue in San Francisco which was featured at the UK Daily Mail. This 13,000 square foot, nine bedroom house has quite a history. It seems, back during prohibition the home featured a hidden panel in the wall that led to a hidden bar where the Bay Area’s elite would imbibe in forbidden alcoholic beverages. Built in 1905 on the sugar fortune …Read More

Luxury Real Estate Inventories Are At An All Time Low

The super wealthy looking for high-end luxury homes to buy are running short on their options. Research indicates a diminishing housing stock in the wealthiest zip codes in America. Carmel, California, as an example, has experienced a 76% drop in available luxury properties due to Silcone Valley Dot Com’ers and international investors. In Palm Beach, Florida, more super rich buyers are coming in due to lowers prices and lower property …Read More