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David Arquette is selling his historic home in Los Angeles

David Arquette is selling his historic home located at 501 S Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90020 for $8,495,000. This historical mansion is 9,708 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. This is the description as posted on this property page. The O’Melveny house. Originally built in 1908 by famed architects Hunt, Eager & Burns. This exquisite English Craftsman estate has been meticulously restored to its original stateliness. Grand …Read More

Pacific Heights $27 Million Mansion For Sale at 2520 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco

I came across this mansion located at 2520 Pacific Avenue in San Francisco which was featured at the UK Daily Mail. This 13,000 square foot, nine bedroom house has quite a history. It seems, back during prohibition the home featured a hidden panel in the wall that led to a hidden bar where the Bay Area’s elite would imbibe in forbidden alcoholic beverages. Built in 1905 on the sugar fortune …Read More

What is the name of Steve McQueen’s Idaho Ranch that is for sale?

In the past few days, the celebrity home bloggers, national news outlets and the real estate aggregates have been talking about the ranch, once owned by Steve McQueen going on the market for 7.4 million dollars. I could not just post variations of the descriptions found online. I had to at least come up with some kind of unique morsel on this property to even write about it. What caught …Read More

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw selling $20 Million Dollar Tennessee Estate

Setting aside the fact the Hill-McGraw duo has been very active in real estate transactions over the years, they have put their biggest property yet, up for sale. The sprawling 753 acre farm has four residences and is comprised of two different parcels divided by the Harpeth River. The property located at 4009 Carters Creek Pike in Franklin, TN┬áhas quite a bit of history. One of the parcels was purchased …Read More