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Grimaldi’s 9595 S Eastern Las Vegas NV Review Sucks

On May 15th, 2017 I was dining at the Grimaldi’s at 9595 S Eastern in Las Vegas, NV. I was having dinner with my wife and my physician. When I got home I wrote a three star review on the Grimaldi’s location on Yelp stating: I am usually at the Boca Park location and this was my first time at this location. The 4 of us were seated right away …Read More

Israel Joffe has it wrong. Las Vegas is NOT facing a catastrophic collapse.

As a resident of Las Vegas and having survived the bubble bursting here, I was taken aback by a recent headline I initially saw on the Drudge Report. Israel Joffe with MYFOXNY wrote, “The next Detroit? Atlantic City and Las Vegas facing catastrophic collapse.” Other then pure ignorance or written as a smear campaign against Las Vegas, how can he throw Las Vegas into the same classification as Detroit or …Read More

Online Real Estate Agent Ranking Systems. Good or Bad?

My answer? Very good. In fact online rankings can be great for Realtors but you have to know which ones to participate in. As a Realtor you are always seeking written testimonials from your happy home buyers and sellers. You live for testimonials that you will place in your listing book and your website. Setting your listing book aside, who is reading the testimonials that are on your website? Next …Read More

Liberace’s old Las Vegas Mansion For Sale

The old iconic former Las Vegas mansion of Liberace has been placed for sale. The house located at 4982 Shirley Street in Las Vegas, has been listed at $529,900. The house is over 14,000 square feet and has only 2 two bedrooms with 6.5 bathrooms. Research shows Liberace purchased the home in 1974 from Edward Mann. In 1987 the house was transferred to the Liberace Revocable Trust and the next …Read More

Rant – Las Vegas does not enforce panhandling law

Panhandling is a reality all over America. We deal with it. However, what brings this rant are the panhandlers that step off the curb and walk between traffic, all the way into the inside lanes of our busiest streets here in Las Vegas. Once they step into the roadway then the offense is called “Pedestrian in the Roadway’ and they can be cited for stepping into the roadway and obstructing traffic …Read More

Las Vegas Casino and Hotel Resort Fees

As a Vegas local and having been involved in corporate event production and management for years, I have been aware of resort fees. However, now the Las Vegas resort fees are being brought up more and more in the local news. I don’t agree with resort fees at casinos specifically. It is not as if they are only making money from Las Vegas hotel rooms. They are making BIG money …Read More

Lawyer trashes a suite at Encore Hangover Style

The Hangover is just a movie. As a resident of Las Vegas, I am personally offended by those thinking that can come here and leave a mess behind. Yes, this is party town, but do no harm. We want your money for the economy but you can stay home if you are going to trash our fine city. In the Las Vegas Review Journal this morning as featured on the …Read More

Nevada Energy Sold To MidAmerican Energy Company Under Berkshire Hathaway

OK, as a Nevada resident, how do I take the news of Warren Buffet buying Nevada Energy? The CFO and two politicians were raving about how great this was for the consumer on the news tonight. Yet when the news anchor asked the reporter how this all worked out in Portland Oregon, the reporter stated the rates in Portland went up 50%. I am still researching this to see if …Read More

United Airlines charging me 5 times for a seat upgrade I never got

Update May 28, 2013: From United Customer Service: Thank you for contacting United Airlines. We appreciate the time you took to let us know about your experience. Although our response is brief, please know that in addition to completing your file, your feedback regarding experience was communicated internally to the appropriate senior management. As I cannot reverse what you experienced, I would like to offer you a tangible expression of …Read More

Las Vegas Casinos Won’t Allow Google Glass

Today I saw a news article that casinos in Las Vegas will not allow its patrons to wear Google Glass while on the casino floor. Makes complete sense to me. They currently don’t allow recording devices or cameras in the casinos. It it one thing to take a photo with your phone when you are snapping away pics of your friends for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or when you take a picture the Royal …Read More