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A REAL Review of Global Platinum Services – GPS

Full disclosure. I am an independent representative for Global Platinum Services so let’s cut to the chase. When you see review pages in the search results they are usually one of two types of pages. Either they ARE a rep like me initially leading you to believe it’s all a scam, so that you will click on their link or it will be a member of ANOTHER company, specifically trashing …Read More

Virgin America Presents Their New Airline Flight Safety Video

I love entertaining flight experiences. Anything to keep me from wrapping my head in duct tape during a flight is a good thing. When I fly Delta I have enjoyed their creative flight safety videos. I think it is fun when a Southwest flight attendant sings the instructions over the intercom. Today, Virgin America upped the ante with creativity by pre-releasing their new flight safety music video which you can …Read More

Airline Seating and Baggage Policies Can Be a Challenge and Other Traveling Tips

I consider myself and expert observer when it comes to airline seating and baggage policies. I fly almost every week to real estate events across the country and have run into many travel issues that even frustrate the most traveled individuals. I will break this down by airline. First some generalities. American Airlines They are very strict on luggage. They WILL measure and weigh the luggage to see if you …Read More