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Here’s my Facebook movie. Algorithm or magic?

Today on Facebook everybody started posting their “Here’s my Facebook Movie” with the invitation to create YOUR Facebook movie here: https://facebook.com/lookback Facebook has created personalized slideshows for users, but this project marks the first time the company has made customized videos. A small team at Facebook spent the last few months crafting the videos and ensuring the company had the resources to render them for most of the network’s 1.2 …Read More

Facebook is charging me $1.00 to send private messages

I was quite surprised the other day as I was trying to send a private Facebook message to a business prospect when all of a sudden, the following interface popped up on my screen: I had never heard of Facebook charging $1.00 to send messages to another user’s primary inbox before. I know why they are doing it and I know why they are picking on me, but more thought …Read More