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Saunders & Associates showing homes to the Clintons in the Hamptons – Update

clintons house hamptonsUpdate 08/09/2013 – Based upon the post below showing the Clinton’s looking for a house to buy in the Hamptons, it looks like they have decided to rent as reported by the Daily Mail.

I ran across an article today in the UK Daily News about Bill and Hillary Clinton shopping for a home in the Hamptons. When I read these articles I am looking to see if the real estate agency representing the featured properties, the buyer or the seller is mentioned from a PR standpoint. Most of the time not.

In this case not only was Saunders & Associates mentioned but it’s owner, Andrew Saunders was even quoted. This is a big score in the real estate world whether an agent or a very successful high end luxury broker.

If you are an agent or broker and you are fortunate enough to have one of your properties mentioned in any press online, fight for an active hyperlink back to your website which will allow the reader to immediately see your site and if the link is a “follow”, would count as a high end link back.

Of course I am always interested in the look and functionality of the real estate websites belonging to the companies and agents mentioned in the articles.

First item of note, they have the winning url for the search engines and the market they focus on, “hamptonsrealestate.com” which Andrew has owned since 2001. Ten-plus years of history is always a good thing for SEO. The site is registered through 2020 which is also good because it communicates he intends to be in business for a long time. Saunders & Associates has great search engine positioning for their market.


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