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Real time tracking of my site visitors freaked me out

Most of you know this is an experimental blog. I take newsworthy items, mostly based upon popularity and trending news reports and I make comments on the news to see what types of articles get pick up on the net and the speed at which they get indexed.  Today I did a blog post and I mentioned an “agency” name in the body of the post, as it was associated with the article.  Today within one hour of making the post, my tracking showed me this blog post was visited by that “agency”. Coincidence? Then soon after, I was visited by three more IP addresses from DC.

I figured there was always some kind of real time internet and news scrubber out there but this was quite impressive.

On a completely different subject, I had a visit from Bank of America showing they came in from a link that does not exist on my site:


If anybody knows what this is, I would love to find out. Maybe this is a WordPress thing?

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