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Real time tracking of my site visitors freaked me out

Most of you know this is an experimental blog. I take newsworthy items, mostly based upon popularity and trending news reports and I make comments on the news to see what types of articles get pick up on the net and the speed at which they get indexed. ┬áToday I did a blog post and I mentioned an “agency” name in the body of the post, as it was associated with the article. ┬áToday within one hour of making the post, my tracking showed me this blog post was visited by that “agency”. Coincidence? Then soon after, I was visited by three more IP addresses from DC.

I figured there was always some kind of real time internet and news scrubber out there but this was quite impressive.

On a completely different subject, I had a visit from Bank of America showing they came in from a link that does not exist on my site:


If anybody knows what this is, I would love to find out. Maybe this is a WordPress thing?

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