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A REAL Review of Global Platinum Services – GPS

Full disclosure. I am an independent representative for Global Platinum Services so let’s cut to the chase.

When you see review pages in the search results they are usually one of two types of pages. Either they ARE a rep like me initially leading you to believe it’s all a scam, so that you will click on their link or it will be a member of ANOTHER company, specifically trashing a company like us to sign you up for their product or their network marketing training.

In the first example, while doing research on Global Platinum Services, you may click on a link that appears to be negative, just to get you to click on it and as you scroll down the page, the writer is actually giving the link to his replicated website within the company you thought he was trashing.

Then in the second example, you have the haters. Haters have a number of issues. Maybe they were with a company and quit because they could not apply themselves daily to meet success goals. Or you have somebody who is hating on my company so that they can talk you into theirs. Tell me please, does negative selling and trashing other companies have any integrity at all? I think not.

And of coarse you have the network marketing reviews that are sucking you in to sell you THEIR marketing system or leadgen system.

Then there is my story and review of an amazing opportunity which I will write tomorrow within this blog


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