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Websites don’t draw leads to themselves

From a potential real estate WordPress website client:

Hi CJ,

We spoke awhile back. Is there any proof in the pudding that a website like yours can actually attract or draw in leads. What makes a real estate WordPress website as extravagant as this is worth its while. Thanks for your time and consideration.

My response…

I would say it lays out like this in order of priority:

First you need a website designed to engage the viewer. This lowers the bounce rate and increases the probability of a lead conversion. Next you need an IDX that is easy for the user to navigate to increase the probability of a point of contact or registration.

Then you need a site that is very SEO friendly.

And finally you need a site that is easy to work with on creating content.

This is the foundation you need to think of before you consider eyeballs.

Our WordPress Platforms do this.

Websites, in of themselves do not attract leads. Websites are destinations with calls to action.

Your visitors arrive at your website through organic positioning, paid positioning, direct advertising, blogging, links and commercial lead generation.

Many times people pay for the commercially directed eyeballs on your site but these sites getting the traffic are not enhanced for conversion so it is a waste of money.

Our sites are very SEO friendly and we have added an SEO tool to the back office. Our organic site placement is great, but sometimes you need to engage an SEO company to push you over the top. We offer that as a service.

So just to clarify, websites attract visitors and not leads. Leads are generated by a consumer centered experience once they land on your site.

The calls to action and the IDX interface generate the leads. We integrate the best of class IDX features into our sites.

Lastly, for websites to organically fare well in the search engines, you need to participate in your site via blogging and additional content creation.

We cover all of these points with our sites.

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