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Rant – Las Vegas does not enforce panhandling law

Panhandling is a reality all over America. We deal with it. However, what brings this rant are the panhandlers that step off the curb and walk between traffic, all the way into the inside lanes of our busiest streets here in Las Vegas. Once they step into the roadway then the offense is called “Pedestrian in the Roadway’ and they can be cited for stepping into the roadway and obstructing traffic or endangering themselves. It is a misdemeanor offense, and it has to be observed by an officer to be cited.

So you are telling me, when I am at the intersection of Decatur and Sahara, 6 lanes and a median all directions, that Metro is not witnessing 4 panhandlers walking through the traffic at all 4 corners? It would be one thing to know they are getting arrested and not seeing them again, but the same people have been working the same corners for years. Enforce the laws and make our streets safer!


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