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Rank-Checker.online Ranksonic.com spam scam harmful to your SEO

I was looking at the Google Analytics on one of our websites and noticed our average bounce rate of 38% had nearly doubled over the past week. We found the culprit.

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Over a very short period of time we received 182 hits from multiple IP addresses that all lead back to rank-checker.online which forwards to ranksonic.com

Because ranksonic is an SEO company we thought maybe they had been hired to do reverse SEO against us by attacking us with 182 site visits with very low visit times.

In conducting research we ran across this article called Stop rank-checker.online Referral in Google Analytics. The article explains how and why rankchecker and ranksonic are ghost spamming your site.

The reason why rank-checker.online is spamming your website’s Google Analytics data is to get your attention and persuade you to visit the URL in your browser. The website that rank-checker.online forwards to contains paid-services that web masters and anyone who owns a website might essentially find relevant.

Shame on them. If you see you have been hit by rank-checker.online in your analytics the article quoted above sas a fix to prevent their traffic from effecting your rankings.

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