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New photo released showing Amelia Earhart Alive

Amelia Earhart Photo Alive

Today it was announced a photograph was found at the National Archives showing Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan at the Jaluit atoll in the Marshal Islands in 1937. The History Channel has a special on this investigation coming up this Sunday night. It was great to see it considering I was approached by a television producer in 2008, nine years ago, about getting in on a documentary project that would have been sold to the like of The History Channel.

Amelia Earhart Photo Alive

When I was approached, I was given a book by Carol Linn Dow called, “The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart” which came to the conclusion that Amelia and Fred had survived a crash and taken prisoner by the Japanese.

Carol Linn Dow

Somebody argued that the USA and Japan were not even at war against each other in 1937, so why would Japan keep them as prisoners? In 1937, Japan was at war with China and they were growing their empire throughout the Island of Asia. At that time, westerners were not allowed in the Marshall Islands area. It has been said that maybe Amelia’s journey was a ruse to get a view of Japanese activity in the area. Who knows at this point.

My point is that I know many authors that deal with historical novels and non-fiction books. Many come up with presumptions based up their investigations and research for their books. For years, the producer has been trying to get a film made to no avail. Now suddenly the History  Channel is running with it. I wonder if any of their research came from Carols Book?

For more information on the original project in 2008 or to buy “The Lost Flight of Amelia Earhart”, please see this website: http://www.ameliaearhartmovie.com/

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