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New app called Seecrypt claims to prevent government spying on Verizon phones

seecrypt verizon spying phone appToday, the Drudge Report posted a news bit announcing a new phone application called Seecrypt, that claims to prevent the government from spying on our phones. Interesting timing considering the latest news on the data sharing between Verizon and the NSA/FBI.

First let me state that the Patriot Act opened the doors for the electronic surveillance of all telecommunications and internet communications. I am OK with that as I am not doing anything illegal. I am actually more concerned about our telcom data passing through technologies owned by foreign governments.

Setting that aside, Seecrypt, based in South Africa, is headed by CEO Mornay Walters and David Vannucci, the VP or research and development.

Seecrypt says it uses globally recognized encryption techniques to protect your private calls. Unlimited, secure, private conversations with anyone on the Seecrypt Privacy Network, anywhere in the world. End-to-end encrypted messaging that changes keys with every message you send. With its easy-to-use interface, similar to popular social messaging apps, you will be having secure conversations in no time. Get 3 months free on sign up, and an extra month for each friend you refer, up to a whole year of free subscription. After your free-use-period, its only $3 per month.

I have been reading other posts and the comments people have been making on this story and there seems to be a tide of concern this application is possibly a direct backdoor app that would be made available to international intelligence organizations. This is possible of course as the app is distributed through I-Tunes and Google Play and we know Apple and Google have relationships with law enforcement, so you never know.

However, if you have issues this app may give you peace of mind.

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