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Navy Missile off of California – No Big Deal – Non Issue

navy Missile california pacific

LAX Restricted Airspace MissileThe missile launch in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California a few days ago is no big issue. There is no conspiracy. The Navy is not conducting a mock attack on Los Angeles. There is however, a complex naval testing area called the Naval Warfare Testing Center Weapons Division at Point Mugu.

In 1946, the Secretary of the Navy endorsed, and President Truman approved, the establishment of the Naval Air Missile Test Center at Point Mugu. The Point Mugu complex works in collaboration with its sister location at China Lake NAWCWC.

For most Southern California residents who grew up there as I did, we remember the missile and satellite launches from Vandenburg at sunset. Locals know about Point Mugu NAS but they may not know the mission. They may not know Oxnard and China Lake are connected by a small restricted airspace corridor called IR200 that goes north up the coast to Vandenburg and due east over the Grapevine when it turns NNE at Edwards AFB to China Lake. The Weapons Center has been firing cruise missiles and has been launching missiles to and from navel ships off of LA to and from China Lake on a regular basis.

navy Missile california pacific

If you live in Southern California you live in the middle of a Department of Defense military complex. Look at the above map. The restricted airspace in the R-2520 area has been there for years.

Did you know just off the coast of LA is San Nicholas Island, owned by the Navy and is part of the Point Mugu Complex? The west end of San Nicolas Island provides a secured area for missile targets and is often used for SLAM and land attach missile operations. The Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) is a remote controlled ship with SeaSparrow, RAM, and CWIS defense systems and various target acquisition systems. It provides an open-ocean, integrated, self-defense platform without the safety constraints associated with a manned ship.

The Navy Seals train at Coronado and San Clemente Island. We have Edwards AFB in the high desert with three secret drone testing bases in the proximity of Palmdale and Barstow.

And as far as the FAA restricting the airspace off of LAX for a week, thank you as I would not want to be a casualty of some errant ordinance.

Seriously, do some research before you run the conspiracy path


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