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My first post as 2013 the New Year approaches

CJ2012 was a good year for me. Business grew and everyone in my life stayed healthy. We made it through the end of the world and an election. At the same time there were tragedies like the hurricane and the shootings on Connecticut. We can only pray for 2013 that we will be healthy, safe and prosperous.

So, I am rolling up on 50 in a couple of weeks and have chosen to start this blog. I have a lot on my mind and have earned the right to express myself through a blog. Funny thing is, I teach advanced strategic blogging that has had some very successful results for my clients, but I have never had my own personal blog(though I blog constantly on other business sites I oversee).

Most of my blogging will be about real estate marketing online, real estate WordPress websites, and overall realtor marketing strategies in a tech savvy world.

Everything I talk about are from my own business and personal life experiences. So many of the gurus out there are great teachers, but have never owned a business. Don’t get me wrong, some of these people are great human beings but if they have not personally walked through the fires that builds experience, how can they expect me to?

I am approaching 2013 with less clutter and more focus. My ADD and procrastinative tendencies will not be joining me on this journey as I move forward. This year I anticipate arriving at the next higher level in my lifeĀ  financially, emotionally and spiritually. It is my goal to document this journey and throw you some ideas along the way. You will have to excuse my occasional rant from time to time. Absurdness, injustice and poor customer service lights me up. Hang on!


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