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Las Vegas Casinos Won’t Allow Google Glass

google glass las vegas casinosToday I saw a news article that casinos in Las Vegas will not allow its patrons to wear Google Glass while on the casino floor. Makes complete sense to me. They currently don’t allow recording devices or cameras in the casinos. It it one thing to take a photo with your phone when you are snapping away pics of your friends for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or when you take a picture the Royal Flush you just hit.

There really is no problem with this because it is obvious when a photo is being taken. On the other hand, when a Glass user can just blink an eye to take a photo, there would be some privacy issues.

I had the chance to try out a pair of the glasses and I like the concept. Glass definitely took social technology to the next level. However, in addition to privacy concerns, I can think of a number of ways that fraudsters could use Glass to their advantage.

Then I got to thinking about Glass recording videos. What is done with the videos? Where were they posted? Does the posting of a video taken of others, when these subjects in the video have a presumption of privacy in an environment cross any lines?

All good food for thought.

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