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Las Vegas Casino and Hotel Resort Fees

As a Vegas local and having been involved in corporate event production and management for years, I have been aware of resort fees. However, now the Las Vegas resort fees are being brought up more and more in the local news. I don’t agree with resort fees at casinos specifically. It is not as if they are only making money from Las Vegas hotel rooms. They are making BIG money off the hotel room guests whether they are high rollers playing big bets or more budget-minded guests on the penny slots. It is great you can get free valet parking but why get hit in the face with added resort fees when you came to town to spend money on entertainment and fun.

Here is a tip if you are coming to Las Vegas. When you get to the front desk, tip the clerk checking you in. Ask if they have any upgrades available and if you can get around the resort fee. They do have the ability to waive the Las Vegas resort fee. Depending on the quality of the hotel be prepared to tip a minimum of $20 and higher at the nicer destinations. You would be surprised what you get from a simple tip when you check in.

Lastly, if you are a local going for a staycation, tell them you are a local and don’t pay resort fees.

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