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Grimaldi’s 9595 S Eastern Las Vegas NV Review Sucks

On May 15th, 2017 I was dining at the Grimaldi’s at 9595 S Eastern in Las Vegas, NV. I was having dinner with my wife and my physician. When I got home I wrote a three star review on the Grimaldi’s location on Yelp stating:

I am usually at the Boca Park location and this was my first time at this location. The 4 of us were seated right away as there were a few tables open. It was dinner time but the place did not look slammed. After 10 minutes of no contact with a server, I had to ask for a server. When the server showed up we were told three servers went home sick so they were running behind.

Two points. 1) If having three servers go home sick will take a restaurant down, you have poor personnel management. 2) No matter how busy it is, always approach a new table within 2 minutes for their beverage order or at the very least acknowledge their presence.

Food was great as usual. I cannot believe they don’t stock non-alcoholic beers. Seriously? You would rather have me order an iced tea vs a beer upsale? St. Pauli Girl makes a nice one.

And why is the recommended wine always the most expensive one on the list, which is swill compared to the one my fried ordered for $4.00 less?

Loved the food. Our server was great however management must have sucked.

Gromaldi's Las Vegas

Then the very next morning I was notified via Yelp that somebody had left me a complement on this review I had written only hours earlier which stated:

For your review of: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

“My wife works there, saw your picture and told me about you and your friend who likes to touch girls. Just so you’re aware, that team of people had a co worker pass away that day (the reason they were short staffed). And if you can’t understand that being short staffed would make service take a little longer than usual then you’re just as confused as your friend who thinks it’s ok to grab the inside of his servers thigh.”

Grimaldi's Las Vegas

Are you kidding me? I was taken aback at this very rude response and that either my physician or myself was accused of inappropriate conduct in front of my wife. Also, if this even had taken place, I am sure it would have been dealt with at that moment. Classless response.

In an effort to find out who did this I reached out to Yelp and was informed this was a new account created in the time since I posted my review. I also reached out to Grimaldi’s corporate. I received this reply from Brad Whitehead, Area Manager:

Thank you for reaching out to us today and sharing your concerns. I read your original review from the other day as well as your updated Yelp that quoted some comments that were left by someone claiming to be married to one of our Team Members. I appreciate your feedback on the original review and I apologize for your experience on Tuesday Evening. In regards to the comments that were posted to your review, I have already begun the process of investigating whether that person is the spouse of one of our employees and, if I find that this is in fact true, I will deal with it accordingly.

Thank you again for your feedback and I apologize for the experience that you had both on Tuesday and for the response that you received on Yelp.

I don’t think there is any doubt whatsoever that my review pissed somebody off at the restaurant. Based upon the timing I would allege the following:

The individual who gets notifications for new Yelp reviews at this location saw my review, created a fake Yelp account, and left this message he was hoping would be posted on my Yelp page. I can’t prove it but if I was corporate, I would find out who made the statements about a diner fondling a server and fire them on the spot.

Anyway, I am not happy with the lack of resolution and will be vocal online until I feel Grimaldi’s in Las Vegas has taken the appropriate actions.


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