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Graphiq WordPress Plugin Search Shutting Down

Graphiq shutting down

As a web developer and blogging coach, I am always looking for unique data feeds for my client’s websites and blog posts. Early last year I ran across a killer WordPress plugin called Graphiq Search. It pulled live statistical data from the likes of Core Logic. Graphiq is a semantic technology company that instantly delivers deep insights from the world’s data. I used the data for my Realtor clients as the service was full of local housing stats. There we also fun stats like density of yoga studios in any given city.

Last week I wanted to add the plugin to a couple of sites and it was no longer available. It was not in the online WordPress plugin catalog. Graphiq was gone. And in fact I posted a tweet about this on June 18th

Today I received and e mail from Melanie Holohan at Graphiq stating the following:

Hi there,

We are reaching out to let you know that we will be winding down our visualization offerings for publishers.

On July 21st, we will be shutting down Graphiq Search. On August 15th, we will remove all previously embedded visualizations and request that you take the appropriate steps to remove historic embed codes from your site. Accordingly, we will not be renewing any formal agreements going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for allowing us to play a small part in your efforts to tell the news.

The Graphiq Team

Well, there it is. The question is whether Graphiq is actually going away or if it is going to be reintroduced as a premium pay service under its current branding or another. I will say, even if a premium product, I would pay for it. I hope it comes back in some form. If you know of any other options, please reach out.


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