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FTC vs Vemma Court Ruling September 18 2015

ftc vemma case

As reported today by the Arizona Republic, for those that have been following the FTC case against Vemma, the court made a ruling today allowing Vemma to sell products to consumers and essentially shutting down their MLM business.

vemma ftc

You can read the entire ruling here and the previously sealed complaint here.

This initial ruling should scare the crap out of the entire network marketing industry. There is a chance the FTC will use this as a precedent to go after everyone.

I have spoken for years about MLM start ups not being product centered. Too many times, leaders in the MLM industry come up with some new compensation program, which is the result of taking other compensation programs, throwing in a tweak and spouting they have the highest payouts in the industry. THEN, they go find a product to use to create this commerce. The question I always ask myself before recommending or promoting a product is, “Would I purchase this product even if an income opportunity was not available?”

Vema ftc rulingI only recommend products that I would use even if there was no marketing business model. It is obvious who I recommend based upon the links on the right. I love the products. I feel better. I share these products with others. Some become customers and some decide to promote them as I do. Clean and honest with no hype.



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