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Erin Brockovich MugShot

Erin Brockovich Mug Shot ArrestErin Brockovich was arrested on Lake Mead over the weekend. I met her during the filming of the movie starring Julia Roberts, who I also met while living just down the street from the location of the home Julia Roberts lived in from the movie. Erin was very friendly and looked great! Julia who went to High School with a friend of mine in Georgia on the other hand was an unapproachable diva.

Setting aside the fact famous people seem to be arrested left and right for DUI’s lately, when I saw this mug shot from Erin’s arrest, I was shocked. Even the most awesome of people can have bad days. She does awesome work and setting aside a moment of insanity, she is awesome.

Erin Brockovich [DVD + Digital Copy] (Universal’s 100th Anniversary)

Update February 13, 2014

On June 10th of 2013, I posted this blog regarding the arrest of Erin Brockovich for allegedly driving a boat under the influence on Lake Mead. The primary reason for the post was to be an experiment in SEO for Google image searches. I know that timeliness counts when the search engines index blog posts. I have written about national breaking news within moments of the event to receive top-ten placement in the search engines.

I monitored local law enforcement websites for the mug shot release. Once it came out, I published the image which was made available to all media for publication under fair use press policies.

My post with the Erin Brockovich mugshot hit the search search engines before any other media outlet including TMZ. I received on average, 200 to 2500 hits per day from all over the world. It was interesting to observe spikes that were country specific. I would see a spike of +400 hits coming from Spain one day and Holland the next.

erin brockovich mugshot seoBy November the image I published was in the top-eight on Google and appeared in the top right bio area in the upper right of the page one search results.

Ready for my huge blogging tip? By writing your observations in your own words and correctly optimizing your images in a TIMELY manner, you can be recognized as an international credible news source in the search engines.

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