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Dubli is Relaunching with an E-Commerce Business Model

DubliDubli has relaunched as they approach their 10 years in the business as an online shopping auction house. Last weekend in Boca Raton they held their USA Launch Meeting. The new Dubli business model is centered around a cashback system wherein by being a member of Dubli, the consumer receives cash back on most of their regular monthly purchases. And in fact, Apple who discounts nothing is one for the vendors participating in the program.

Within direct sales, consumers are usually purchasing goods and services at an inflated price to support a distributor commission and override structure. And if the consumer chooses to become a sales representative for that company, they have minimum purchase requirements to qualify for their commissions.

So, imagine a service where for $4.95 a month by shopping online and in person with a pre-paid Mastercard you get cash back on most of what you spend each month to begin with.

I like the idea so here is a link to check it out: http://www.dubli.com/6420127

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