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Babe Ruth’s Home In Sudbury MA For Sale With a Price Reduction

babe ruth house for sale maBabe Ruth’s Massachusetts mansion has had a price reduction. The historical home located at 558 Dutton Rd in Sudbury was originally placed on the market for $1.65 million dollars but has recently been relisted at $1.325 million.

This is a unique historical property because it was built by babe Ruth. The Babe began building the 5,200-square-foot home in 1918 while he was still with the Red Sox; but due to the length of the baseball season, lingering stomach aches, frequent hangovers and typical contractor delays, he did not finish until 1921, after he had been traded to the Yankees.

The original Greek design was influenced by James E. McLaughlin who was the architect for Fenway Park. That was until Babe met an architect from Columbia named Lue Gehrig. Lou suggested instead of the Greek design the babe wanted, which included three-foot wide columns he should go with a more open plan.

Construction was swift after that. The house was finished in December 1921, thanks to the entire Yankees roster helping in the spirit of an Amish barn-raising (well, everyone on the roster helped except for that lazy Wally Pipp, who complained all the hammering gave him a headache). Ruth moved into the house at the start of 1922 and told Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert to give Gehrig a tryout in exchange for his engineering help.


Fully updated gourmet kitchen with beer taps and antique hot dog grill capable of cooking five dozen wieners at a time for late-night snacks/breakfast.

Five bedrooms, not including hidden boudoir with an on-deck circle that was constructed for the Babe’s “special guests.”

Basement man cave with 1926 model Philco AM radio set/entertainment center, 20-foot-long bar, hot dog cart, walk-in humidor and two part-time food vendors.

Three and a half bathrooms, three of which have historic urinal troughs, and one of which still has a persistent odor of stale beer and sauerkraut. (Note: The only facility for women is the half-bath.)

Master bedroom includes adjoining 2,500-square-foot changing room with wood benches, lockers and iron nails for hanging up clothes, plus en suite bath with small metal tub capable of fitting a 300-pound Bambino.

White copper frieze throughout.

Three-car garage/batting cage.

Spacious backyard that stretches back one-quarter mile along the left side of property line, one-half mile in the center of property and a cozy 295 feet down the right side of property line. Plenty of room to plant a garden or erect a set of monuments.

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