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Graphiq WordPress Plugin Search Shutting Down

As a web developer and blogging coach, I am always looking for unique data feeds for my client’s websites and blog posts. Early last year I ran across a killer WordPress plugin called Graphiq Search. It pulled live statistical data from the likes of Core Logic. Graphiq is a semantic technology company that instantly delivers deep insights from the world’s data. I used the data for my Realtor clients as …Read More

A REAL Review of Global Platinum Services – GPS

Full disclosure. I am an independent representative for Global Platinum Services so let’s cut to the chase. When you see review pages in the search results they are usually one of two types of pages. Either they ARE a rep like me initially leading you to believe it’s all a scam, so that you will click on their link or it will be a member of ANOTHER company, specifically trashing …Read More

TITANPOINTE Image Experiment

As a blogging coach, my posting of this image to a building referred to as Titanpointe is an experiment in Google Image Search placement. This image experiment came after reading an article tonight about a building referred to as Titan Pointe, aka the AT&T Long Lines Building in New York City. The key of this experiment was using a screenshot of the TitanPoint building as seen by Google Maps to …Read More

Why America’s Got Talent Should Be Cancelled After Season 11

Bianca Ryan, Terry Fator, Neal E. Boyd, Kevin Skinner, Michael Grimm, Laundau Eugene Murphy Jr., Olate Dogs, Kenichi Ebina, Mat Franco, Paul Zerdin and now Grace VanderWaal. What do these names have in common? They were all winners of America’s Got Talent. Or are they? I am motivated to write this post tonight because I feel the season 11 winner will become a victim of the go nowhere winners of …Read More

VAST Solid State Flash Array Drive SSFAD Review

Since my days providing content for a couple of non-profits when AOL launched, through today where I run a successful internet marketing company, I have always supported the best possible infrastructures for my online technology. Second only to RAM, storage was my number one priority. Floppy’s, diskettes, external zip drives, writable CD’s and writable DVD’s and then external hard drives. I started out with a couple Buslink drives and over …Read More

David Arquette is selling his historic home in Los Angeles

David Arquette is selling his historic home located at 501 S Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90020 for $8,495,000. This historical mansion is 9,708 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. This is the description as posted on this property page. The O’Melveny house. Originally built in 1908 by famed architects Hunt, Eager & Burns. This exquisite English Craftsman estate has been meticulously restored to its original stateliness. Grand …Read More

You Will Change The World Review

I am an online marketing expert. I teach real estate agents on reputation marketing, Youtube, blogging and about effective websites. I have done a few podcasts, trade shows and webinars but I have wanted to find a way to teach online without becoming a coaching company. I had figured I would charge a subscription for real estate agents and other business owners to get a newsletter or to see live …Read More

Rank-Checker.online Ranksonic.com spam scam harmful to your SEO

I was looking at the Google Analytics on one of our websites and noticed our average bounce rate of 38% had nearly doubled over the past week. We found the culprit. Click on the images below to expand Over a very short period of time we received 182 hits from multiple IP addresses that all lead back to rank-checker.online which forwards to ranksonic.com Because ranksonic is an SEO company we …Read More

Seattle Fire Battalion Chief Tamalyn Nigretto is a hero

Tonight I read an article in the Seattle Times about Seattle Fire Battalion Chief Tamalyn Nigretto and the possibility of the department holding her down on promotions. I grew up in Ballard. A friend to all at the old Station 18 and the new. As a youth, I was a huge supporter of the Last Resort Fire Department. Seattle Fire was in my blood. When I was old enough I …Read More

Navy Missile off of California – No Big Deal – Non Issue

The missile launch in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California a few days ago is no big issue. There is no conspiracy. The Navy is not conducting a mock attack on Los Angeles. There is however, a complex naval testing area called the Naval Warfare Testing Center Weapons Division at Point Mugu. In 1946, the Secretary of the Navy endorsed, and President Truman approved, the establishment of the …Read More