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Airline Seating and Baggage Policies Can Be a Challenge and Other Traveling Tips

I consider myself and expert observer when it comes to airline seating and baggage policies. I fly almost every week to real estate events across the country and have run into many travel issues that even frustrate the most traveled individuals. I will break this down by airline.

First some generalities.

American Airlines

They are very strict on luggage. They WILL measure and weigh the luggage to see if you go over. If you are over, even by a couple of pounds or inches they will surcharge your baggage fees. And if you have more then a roll on and a small carry on, you had better check the bags or they will make you check any additional carryons at the gate. Not really a big issue with this as the rules are clearly sated online, however I want to address the baggage fees on my last trip. I needed to check three bags. The first bag was $25. Checking two bags was $60. And if you were to check three bags the cost would have been $210.

So I checked two bags for the $60 and and took my third bag that I needed to check to the gate. Just prior to boarding they make the announcement that the passengers have the opportunity to check a bag for free to free up space on full flights. So that is what I did which saved me $150.

When I travel, and because I am tall, I always try to get an isle seat. Now the airlines are charging for the isle seats. However most airlines will allow you to ask for an isle seat, which you can get for free at the gate 45 minutes before the flight if any of the seats remain unsold. American Airlines doesn’t work that way. It could be 5 minutes before the door closes and the only way you can get the seat is to buy it.

Overall, I don’t really like flying AA.

Spirit Airlines

If I am flying from Vegas to SLC, PHX, LAX, DEN or other cities that are less then 1.5 hours of flight time, I don’t really care who I fly with if I can get a great deal online. For the record though I would prefer to fly Alaska, Southwest or Virgin if the price was right. I cannot however, fly a discount airline like Spirit if I am flying to the East Coast.

Spirit is a no frills airline that charges for your second carryon and even if you want a glass of water. Many people who book Spirit have no clue how they are going to be nickle and dimed for their flight. For this post I would like to point out their seating system.

When you book your flight online and then sign in to look at your seat or even change seats, most of the time you will see you are located at the back of the plane or most certainly are located in a center seat. Sometimes you don’t even have a seat chosen and even to choose a seat, you are required to pay $10 in advance just to choose a seat. For me it is all principal and is just not worth it having to use their money pit system to travel.

Delta Airlines, United and US Airways

I like these airlines for my longer flights. They are not sticklers on slightly oversized baggage and their seat choices make more sense. I can ask for an exit row seat at the gate, which I get most of the time when I show up an hour early.

I just want flights to make sense which leads to a satisfying customer experience so that I might want to do business with them again.

And when you book your flights, do you go to the airline directly? Use Expedia? Maybe use a travel agent? What if there was a way for you to book your own flight, as your own travel agent and get paid a commission? Maybe even make it a full time business for you. You can do all of the above with Global Platinum Services as I have.


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